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An opulent marriage of zesty mandarins, clementines, crisp lemons, ripe limes, tropical fruits and greens leaves make this scent luxuriously explosive. Rich*ish was created to be my "Manifestation" scent.

When you inhale the scent or light it I want you to envision and secretly manifest all that you desire in life and the life you see yourself living!

Directions: Shake well. Remove cap and spritz around your home or anywhere needing a fresh up!

4 fl oz = approx 700 pumps or 200 uses.

Bottle will last several months depending on the frequency of use.

Due to the nature of essential oils and water, the mixture will separate.

Make sure to SHAKE WELL prior to each use.

Skin safe, but due to individual tolerances of essential oils and fragrances, test a small patch of skin to ensure no reaction.

****CAUTION****Avoid eye contact. For external use only. Do not ingest. Keep away from heat/open flames/children/animal