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Relationship… 4oz room spray
Relationship… 4oz room spray

Relationship… 4oz room spray

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mandarin + lime + pomelo 

bright, citrus, tropical

mandarin + lemon zest + grapefruit

bright, citrus, tropical

Add a little zest to your mood 

Makers Note:

this scent will add a little zest to your morning self-care routine with a vibrant citrusy essence. The lively fusion of tropical fruits and sugared citrus invigorates your senses, infusing a positive and energizing spirit into the start of your day.


How to Use:

shake before each use! oil separation and a cloudy appearance is normal and may occur. we always recommended to do a patch test first on fabrics and skin to avoid staining and allergic reactions.


* frosted glass bottle  w/ white fine mist sprayer

* dimensions: H: 5.62"  W: 1.92

* essential Oil / Fragrance Oil Blend

* phthalates Free / Nontoxic

* skin & linen safe


* distilled water

* denatured alcohol

*polysorbate 80

*phthalate-free fragrance oils

4 fl. oz. || 118 ml.