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Girl, love… 4oz room spray

Girl, love… 4oz room spray

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bergamot + thyme + ginger + jasmine

soft, light, feminine, calming

The light and feminine scent of White Tea and Ginger unfolds with the delicate harmony of floral white tea, complemented by subtle ginger undertones. The top notes of citrus add a hint of vibrancy, while the base notes of musk and wood create a comforting fragrance.

Makers Note:

Incorporating this candle into a self-care routine transforms the ordinary into a luxurious experience.

As the scent fills your space, it becomes a personal haven, inviting you to slow down and embrace self-care. The white tea symbolizes purity and renewal, while the invigorating ginger notes spark vitality. Be intentional with lighting this candle by lighting this candle a to signify your “me time” and focus on self-love and your well-being. 

How to Use:

shake before each use! oil separation and a cloudy appearance is normal and may occur. we always recommended to do a patch test first on fabrics and skin to avoid staining and allergic reactions.


* frosted glass bottle  w/ white fine mist sprayer

* dimensions: H: 5.62"  W: 1.92

* essential Oil / Fragrance Oil Blend

* phthalates Free / Nontoxic

* skin & linen safe


* distilled water

* denatured alcohol

*polysorbate 80

*phthalate-free fragrance oils

4 fl. oz. || 118 ml.