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Cinnamon Cider 4oz Room Spray

Cinnamon Cider 4oz Room Spray

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apple + pear + nutmeg + cinnamon

Smells like: a crisp fall day at a local farm sipping warm, freshly made apple cider sweetened to perfection brewed in warm cinnamon.

* Directions: Shake well. Remove cap and spritz around your home, car, or even your office.
* 4 fl oz = approx 700 pumps or 200 uses.
* Bottle will last several months depending on the frequency of use.
* Due to the nature of essential oils and water, the mixture will separate.
* Make sure to SHAKE WELL prior to each use.
* Skin safe, but due to individual tolerances of essential oils and fragrances, test a small patch of skin to ensure no reaction.
****CAUTION****Avoid eye contact. For external use only. Do not ingest. Keep away from heat/open flames/children/animals

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