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bloom 9oz soy candle
bloom 9oz soy candle
bloom 9oz soy candle

bloom 9oz soy candle

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 bergamot + thyme + ginger + jasmine

soft, relaxing, light, feminine

The delicate fragrance of Jasmine and Ginger gently reveals itself, blending floral Jasmine with subtle hints of ginger. White tea top notes bring a touch of brightness, while musk and wood base notes provide a comforting essence.


Makers Note:

Incorporating this candle into a self-care routine transforms the ordinary into a luxurious experience. As the scent fills your space, it becomes a personal haven, inviting you to slow down and embrace self-care. The white tea symbolizes purity and renewal, while the invigorating ginger notes spark vitality. Be intentional with lighting this candle by lighting this candle a to signify your “me time” and focus on self-love and your well-being.

* 9oz round frosted glass vessel w/ rose gold    

metal twist lid

* Dimensions: H: 3.5in +  W: 3in + L: 3.5in

* Essential Oil / Fragrance Oil Blend

* Organic/ Phthalates Free / Nontoxic

* Cotton wick